How to Clean Gold and Diamond Jewelry

I thought I would come to you with a how to clean your diamonds and gold rings. Actually, it’s a very cheap way to do it. I don’t know about you guys but I do have to have inspections every six months on my rings. When I do, they stick it in that cleaning liquid and it makes your rings look dingy. When I go in for inspections to a shop jewelers, I tell them do not clean my rings please, because I don’t like the way they handle my rings. Therefore, I develop my own way to clean my rings.

how baking soda clean jewelry

Baking Soda Clean Gold and Diamond

What you really need is a bottle of warm water. You are going to put baking soda in that water. How much baking soda is not strict, but depends on how dirty or how much jewelry pieces you are going to clean up. Then go ahead and put your dirty rings into baking soda water. Just make sure soda liquid totally flow into the tiny holes or narrow slot. The soda liquid will come up with chemical reaction there to totally remove the dirty particles and grime.

You can soak and shake the bottle to make the reaction more thoroughly. Then take the rings out of the bottle, you might be very surprised, the rings return to sparking and very dingy right now. You can grab some paper towels to dry the rings finally. If there are many dirty particles dissolved on the surface after cleaning, you can take a soft brush to lightly get rid of those dirty grimes off the rings. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can rinse and repeat the process until the final shininess is resumed.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Not good for Expensive Gold or Diamond

best ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine

I have been using baking soda cleaning for many months, and I am very happy with the result. Of course, there are many different types of jewelry cleaning on the market. However, I strongly suggest you should definitely proceed your gold or diamond jewelry cleaning with caution. These are very expensive jewelry commonly, so if cleaning them in wrong way, it will definitely damage the luxury jewelry and very hard to resume their value again. Baking soda is actually a safe way to clean those expensive fine jewelry, e.g gold, diamond, and silver etc.

There are also many owners using cleaning machine, e.g ultrasonic cleaner and jewelry steamer, to clean their jewelry. These machines basically take the use of ultrasonic sound wave or steam power to dissolve and get rid of dirty grimes on jewelry. However, the negative points for using these machines are they tend to loosen the gemstone type jewelry or damage the surface of some soft stone jewelry, like natural pearl jewelry.

Therefore, if you have a large amount of costume jewelry, you had better clean them using powerful and professional jewelry cleaners, due to many premium features. However, if you clean gold or diamond, please consider some traditional cleaning methods, with more manual work, to give the best protection on your jewelry.