How to Properly Clean Jewelry at Home

After wearing jewelry for a period of time, it will be more or less contaminated with some stains. The dazzling diamonds turned yellow and no longer shone, the metal ornaments became dull and dirty, and the jade was covered with small dust and looked dirty. At this time, if you use the wrong cleaning method, your valuable jewelry pieces may be ruined.

In order to prevent such “tragedy” from happening, we introduce some simple, effective and safe jewelry cleaning methods to help you restore your jewelry as shining.

Tap Water Cleaning for Jewelry

The easiest and safest method is to clean the jewelry with water, but this method is more suitable for jewelry that is not particularly dirty. If it is just contaminated with dust, it is more suitable for cleaning diamonds, red sapphires, jade jewelry, and other jewelry.

When cleaning, you can put some tap water in the container and put the jewelry into it for cleaning. Remember to rinse and clean directly under the faucet to prevent the accidental hand slipping and falling off the jewelry or falling into the sewer.

Not All Jewelry Suitable for Water Cleaning

It is worth noting that not all jewelry is suitable for cleaning with clean water, such as pearls, corals and other organic gems, it is absolutely forbidden to clean with tap water. Because tap water contains a lot of chlorine and fluorine elements, it will cause corrosion and damage to pearls and corals.

The correct way is to use pure water to clean, and the cleaning speed must be fast because the surface of pearls and corals contains many small holes, can not be soaked in water for a long time. After cleaning done, use a soft towel to dry them.

Chemical Detergent for Jewelry Cleaning

If the jewelry is already dirty, then the water may not be enough to clean it. The simplest and most effective method at this time is to use a neutral detergent. For example, washing up liquid, after mixing with water, use a soft toothbrush to clean gently. This method is suitable for diamonds, some metal ornaments, etc.

Through the instructions in the first part, smart friends should also guess that this method is not suitable for organic gemstones such as pearls, because the chemical composition will still cause the gemstone to corrode.

There is also a widespread statement that using toothpaste can clean jewelry. We can clarify that this method is very wrong! Because toothpaste generally contains particles, and these small particles are usually hard. Therefore, you can imagine that pearls and gold cannot withstand with such crude brushing.

Professional Jewelry Cleaning

If you have more complicated types of jewelry pieces, you don’t know how to clean it, I suggest that you still send them to a professional jeweler for cleaning.

There is such a service in common shopping malls. The professional’s jewelers can not only clean your fortune in the most appropriate way, but also perform a “physical examination” and find situations such as loose inlays, dropped drills, scratches, etc., which can also help you repair them in time.

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning

There is a professional jewelry cleaning tool called an ultrasonic cleaner. Although it sounds awesome, it is not suitable for all jewelry.

For example, jewelry with a lot of broken diamonds can easily loosen small diamonds when ultrasonically cleaned. Due to the special structure of emeralds and pearls, ultrasonic cleaning can also damage them.

Jewelry Steam Cleaning for Valuable Jewelry

As mentioned above, an ultrasonic cleaner is good for some of the jewelry, but not ideal for all. Some of the fine jewelry, like gold, pearl, or gemstones jewelry, would be damaged if put straight into the ultrasonic cleaner tanks. Its vibration wave would loosen the stones.

In such a case, we recommend jewelry steam cleaner, also one of the best jewelry cleaners widely used at home. Jewelry steam cleaner work with the hot steamer. It integrates with a motor to heat the water in the tank, then blasts away particles and dirt by releasing the powerful hot water steaming.

These steam jet jewelry cleaners usually come with a polish function which can easily restore your jewelry to original sparkling after steaming shower.

Cleaning jewelry via steaming won’t damage any fine valuable treasure, as it mostly clean in the way of physical blasting rather than any chemical resolving.

Regular Care and Maintenance

Regular cleaning of jewelry is important, but daily maintenance is also essential.

Diamond has strong lipophilicity, and tend to become yellow when contacted with oil. Therefore, when cooking, cleaning, and using cosmetics, diamond jewelry should be taken off. Normally, try not to touch the diamond on the jewelry with your hands. The oil secreted by the human body can also damage the diamond.

In addition to diamonds, many jewelry and jade stones should also stay away from cosmetics and toiletries. The chemical components in these products can corrode gemstones, especially fragile organic gemstones. So when you wash your hands, take a shower, makeup, or spray perfume, be sure to take off the jewelry.

The body secretes a lot of sweat and oil during exercise, which can damage the gemstones. Therefore it is recommended to take off the jewelry during exercise. In addition, the water in the swimming pool contains a lot of disinfection water components, which can also cause damage to the gemstones.

How to Store Jewelry Properly

The preservation of jewelry is also the key to pay attention to. For example, diamond, as the hardest mineral, should not be stored together with other gems, otherwise it will easily scratch other gems. It is best to store each piece of jewelry separately in a jewelry box or a soft cloth bag dedicated to jewelry to avoid rubbing between gemstones.

Some people like to wrap the jewelry with absorbent cotton for storage, don’t look at the absorbent cotton soft, but it will be bleached, there will be bleach residue, for pearls, turquoise, coral and other gems, will cause the gems to fade or lose their luster, causing unnecessary losses.

How Well Ultrasonic Carb Cleaners Work

What I’m working on today is to show how to clean up all the hardware from the CFD 50. Now, I saved all that for last because it is not much fun for cleaning up bolts. I remembered I had that little ultrasonic cleaner that I haven’t used in a while so I’m gonna run all that stuff through this ultrasonic carb cleaner and see how it turns out.

I really haven’t used this ultrasonic cleaner that much so I can’t give a whole lot of feedback on it. I’ve got it heated up to 53 degrees Celsius. It’s full of degreaser in the tank. The degreaser I’m using is called safe to clean.

ultrasonic carb cleaner

I know some of you guys are probably wondering how I organized all the hardware off this bike. I was pulling it off and just dropped it into ziplock bags that were labeled. I’ve got them marked fork from brakes flywheel side. The engine subframe air box intake manifold miscellaneous plastics list goes on and on.  So just a simple straightforward way of keeping track of the hardware. The first batch is gonna be the dirtiest set of hardware. Just take a look here, and I’m thinking it’s gonna be rear brakes. This stuff is looking kind of nasty. I wish I had a little basket to drop the stuff into it before I put it into the cleaner. I don’t, so it’s just gonna have to go straight into the degreaser before I drop it in though. Let’s take a closer look at this stuff and see how dirty it is before I start cleaning it.

How to Use Ultrasonic Cleaner for Carb Cleaning

how to clean carbI put all dirty carb parts into the tank for clean. I’m just gonna set this thing for five minutes. The five minutes is up and I’m excited to see how this stuff turned out. That’s pretty impressive stuff and actually looks really good. The cleaned carb parts definitely exceeded my expectations.

Now, the time for batch number two the stuff in the miscellaneous bag and it is pretty disgusting as well. I’m gonna drop all this in an ultrasonic cleaner and let it do its work. I am really happy with how this set of parts turned out as well. I’ll be checking back in a minute. Once I have all this Hardware cleaned up. I’ve got all the hardware cleaned up and this stuff turned out really good
pretty stoked with the job that the ultrasonic cleaner did. You will not find a speck of dirt on this stuff.

I was digging around through the bins that this bike came with. I found a bunch more hardware and the exhaust valve parts. I want to try running these exhaust spell pieces through the ultrasonic cleaner and see what the result is right now. They’re pretty caked in carbon buildup. I’m just gonna dump this whole part right into the cleaner here. Since these parts are pretty dirty, I’m gonna set it for ten minutes. It’s the moment of truth really really hoping these exhaust flaps cleaned up. They still got some carbon buildup on it, so I might need to give it a little bit of help and scrape some of this off and run it for another ten minutes. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that the ultrasonic cleaner didn’t rip all this carbon off this stuff, as it is usually stuck on really good. After another ten minutes, this is what these parts are looking like. For the most part, everything looks pretty good but the exhaust valve flaps still have some carbon buildup left on them. I’m thinking this stuff is gonna have to be cleaned up by hand, so here is what I’m gonna do with these exhaust valve flaps.

Basically, ultrasonic cleaner for carb cleaning can deliver the really impressive result, as it does save much of manual work. During the cleaning process, workers can also do something else. If some parts really dirty, you can soak it in water rank for minutes for thorough cleaning. If you hate manual work on dirty carb cleaning, a portable ultrasonic carb cleaner is really must have one.

How to Clean Gold and Diamond Jewelry

I thought I would come to you with a how to clean your diamonds and gold rings. Actually, it’s a very cheap way to do it. I don’t know about you guys but I do have to have inspections every six months on my rings. When I do, they stick it in that cleaning liquid and it makes your rings look dingy. When I go in for inspections to a shop jewelers, I tell them do not clean my rings please, because I don’t like the way they handle my rings. Therefore, I develop my own way to clean my rings.

how baking soda clean jewelry

Baking Soda Clean Gold and Diamond

What you really need is a bottle of warm water. You are going to put baking soda in that water. How much baking soda is not strict, but depends on how dirty or how much jewelry pieces you are going to clean up. Then go ahead and put your dirty rings into baking soda water. Just make sure soda liquid totally flow into the tiny holes or narrow slot. The soda liquid will come up with chemical reaction there to totally remove the dirty particles and grime.

You can soak and shake the bottle to make the reaction more thoroughly. Then take the rings out of the bottle, you might be very surprised, the rings return to sparking and very dingy right now. You can grab some paper towels to dry the rings finally. If there are many dirty particles dissolved on the surface after cleaning, you can take a soft brush to lightly get rid of those dirty grimes off the rings. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can rinse and repeat the process until the final shininess is resumed.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Not good for Expensive Gold or Diamond

best ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine

I have been using baking soda cleaning for many months, and I am very happy with the result. Of course, there are many different types of jewelry cleaning on the market. However, I strongly suggest you should definitely proceed your gold or diamond jewelry cleaning with caution. These are very expensive jewelry commonly, so if cleaning them in wrong way, it will definitely damage the luxury jewelry and very hard to resume their value again. Baking soda is actually a safe way to clean those expensive fine jewelry, e.g gold, diamond, and silver etc.

There are also many owners using cleaning machine, e.g ultrasonic cleaner and jewelry steamer, to clean their jewelry. These machines basically take the use of ultrasonic sound wave or steam power to dissolve and get rid of dirty grimes on jewelry. However, the negative points for using these machines are they tend to loosen the gemstone type jewelry or damage the surface of some soft stone jewelry, like natural pearl jewelry.

Therefore, if you have a large amount of costume jewelry, you had better clean them using powerful and professional jewelry cleaners, due to many premium features. However, if you clean gold or diamond, please consider some traditional cleaning methods, with more manual work, to give the best protection on your jewelry.